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Windows Mobile Memory Visualizer

This is a old post that has been migrated. While the content is probably very obsolete, in case someone needs it, it's here. Also makes great filler for a empty blog.

This is a quick and dirty hack to support touch screens that I made to a publicly available VM visualizer for Windows Mobile. I do not recall where I acquired the original sources (there are chances that this page might have been taken down), and it is available here for archival purposes.

The changes are very much minimal, and the only thing that has been added is a more user friendly UI for those who have phones without a D-pad navigator. (i.e. Samsung Omnia-2 GT-i8000, or most later Windows Mobile phones.)

The sources and pre-compiled binaries are available in this package.

I do not hold any copyrights to this, and it comes with absolutely no warranty, so I will not be responsible for any damage that may happen to your phone. (although it is very unlikely to happen, just to be on the safe side.)

Original post mentions "screenshots to be posted soon". Screenshots were never posted, and now I don't have a environment to post them. All I remember is that it's not pretty.